Troubled Hubble

Dulcinea Duct Tape

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There's two sides to every tale,
One that sticks and one female,
Dulcinea, fan of Slayer,
Duct tape smile in the middle of Iowa.
Dulcinea now two months older,
Getting pushed in a duct tape stroller,
When she grows, she will know,
Duct tape's why she turned out so.

Held together down to earth,
Unaware of endless worth,
To adhere is to adhese,
Duct tape traps for catching geese.
When your goose flies away,
Duct tape wings so that he stays.
Foul will fear the human hand but duct tape helps them understand..
As a kid 'nea was smart,
She taped her wallet to her heart,
Duct tape always kept her safe and held her hard earned cash in place.

Hold me close, tape me to you,
Tape my head down to my shoes,
Stick yourself in my leg hair so that you're with me everywhere..
Dark and light, it's alright,
Tape my windows late at night,
To keep those bugs off my throat and keep them off my duct tape coat

Autor(es): Troubled Hubble

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