Lupe Fiasco

Dumb It Down Lyrics

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(dumb it down)
coolest nigga what
(dumb it down)
FNF up
(dumb it down)
(dumb it down)

(Verse 1-Lupe Fiasco)
I'm fearless now hear this im earless
and i'm pealess which means im eyeless
which means im tearless which means my irish
resides where my ears is which means im blinded
but imma find it i could feel it's nearness
but imma vear so i don't come near like a chicken or a deer
but i remember im not a listner or a seer so my windshields smear
here you stare i really shouldnt be behind this
clearly cause my blindness
the windshield in menstriel the whole grill is road kill
so trill and so sincere yea im both inveared
to both pills when a bloak in a trench coat
in the lotes in a chair had approached in here
made it clear as a ghost so a biter of the throats in the mirror
the writer of the quotes from the ghost who supplier of the notes that they living
riverton is rosey pockets full of prosieds given
to the mother of the deseaced awaken at war
'till i'm resting in peace (peace peace peace)

(Chorus 1-Gemini)
you going over niggas heads lu
(dumb it down)
they telling me that they don't feel you
(dumb it down)
we aint graduate from school nigga
(dumb it down)
them big words aint cool nigga
(dumb it down)
yea i heard "mean and vicious" nigga
(dumb it down)
make a song for the bitches nigga
(dumb it down)
we dont care about the weather nigga
(dumb it down)
you'll sell more records if you
(dumb it down)

(Verse 2-Lupe Fiasco)
and im mouthless which means im soundless
now as far as the hearing i found it
it was as far as the distance from the earing to the ground is
but the doorknockers on the ears of a stewerdist in the lear
she fine and she flying im feeling fly by cause my minds on cloud nine
and in her mind at the same time
pimp C the wings on the underground king
whos also cling on to infinity and beyond
something realy stinks but i spence like leon
or lion in the desert im flying on pegasis you flying on a fesert
writer of the white powder picker of the fire flower
spit hot fire like dilon on cheppelle skit
yea, smell it on my unicorn we snort the white horse
and toot my own horns (sleet)

(Chorus 2-white man)
you been getting too much light lu
(dumb it down)
you make em wanna do right lu
(dumb it down)
they're getting selfasteem lu
(dumb it down)
these girls is tryna be queens lu
(dumb it down)
they're tryna graduate from school lu
(dumb it down)
they're starting to think that smart is cool lu
(dumb it down)
they're tryna get up out the hood lu
(dumb it down)
i'll tell you what you should do
(dumb it down)

(Verse 3-Lupe Fiasco)
and im brainless which means im headless like Icabar Craine is
or four playless sex is which makes me sainless
with no neck left to hang a chain with
wich makes me neckless less like a necklace death
and i aint use my headrest yet
they say they need proof like a vestless chest
about to best fair FF jet in the nest
to excuse confidence and access debts
even scuba steve will find it hard to breathe around these leages
my snorkle is a tuba luda ruda around these seas
westside beside him westside beside him
chest high and rising almost touching the knees
of stewardist and the pilot lucky they make flowered
personal floating devices is falling out of sleeves
David Blane, make it rain, make a boat i make a plain
then i pull the plug and i make it drain
until i feel like flowing and filling it up again

(Chorus 3-Gemini)
You be putting me to sleep nigga
(dumb it down)
thats why you aint poppin in the streets nigga
(dumb it down)
you aint winning no awards nigga
(dumb it down)
robots and skate boards nigga?
(dumb it down)
GQ man of the year G
(dumb it down)
shit aint rocking over hear B
(dumb it down)
why dont you talk about your cars nigga
(dumb it down)
and what the f**k is go yard nigga?
(dumb it down)
make it rain for the chicks
(dumb it down)
poor champaign on a bitch
(dumb it down)
what the f**k is wrong with you?
(dumb it down)
how can i get on a song with you?
(dumb it down)

(Gemini speaking
Look B heres my math my 2way uhh,
this right here take this, that
right there f**k with my boy
Faradon nigga, nigga you hot to me
i like you

(Lupe Fiasco mix)
Listen G they told me i should come down cousin
but i flatley refused i aint dumb down nothing