Dumping The Motorheads

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We like to sit around and watch the buildings collide
Walk the sunny beaches with nothing but a smile
Stranger than a teardrop falling from the eye
Louder than a shotgun, hello and goodbye

Ever too mysterious and sort of in your way whenever
You’ve got something good to say
Put it in your pocket, throw it far away
Dig it down a hole and tell your friends to take a dive,
Tell them all of what you did today
Dumping the motorheads

We like watching a movie that we don’t understand
A little out of key, rubber ducks in our hands
We’ll run for president when we get the chance
Breaking terrifying news while the b boys dance

Two of us are waiting for a car to arrive
Some of us are puzzled by the clouds in the sky
Ever too mysterious and sort of in your way when
Ever you’ve got something good to say
Dumping the motorheads

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