Dum Spiro Despero

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Dum spiro despero, via dolorosa

Bring me a sharp blade so I can cut
The strings that direct my moves
And like a puppet make me dance
To rhythms foreign to my limbs
The voice of desperation
Can stop this senseless wheel of life
I trust in suffering to free my tortured mind
Dum spiro despero, via dolorosa

The God of hope far behind I've left
The Enlightened One has shown me his path
His way I'll follow, forsaking earthly pain
His wise words echo through my brain:
"Give up hope and everything you love"

Strength I don't lack this decision to make
But trapped in torment, illusion and pain
Aeons of cruel suffering I foresee
Before my ignorance shall leave me
And my weary mind finally finds rest

Amida, give me the strength I need
To trust in your Other Power
And follow your noble path
Amida here I stand: am I worthy of your Pure Land?

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