Dungeon Walls

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Pacing back and forth the only comfort is the sound
Of the clanking of the shackles as each footstep hits the ground
Made it through each lonely day only with the dream
Deep inside my heart I know that someday I'd be free

Stuck inside these walls, drenched in misery
I only have myself to be my own worst enemy
Imprisoned in my thoughts, insanity is nigh
Rotting like a foul corpse and running out of time

Turn the key, unlock the gate
I'm going home, I'm going home
Curse this place, every blessed stone

Hooray! Hooray!
Out of the dungeon walls
Hooray! Hooray!
Never thought I'd see the light of day

I can see the city lights
I can smell the salty breeze
I can hear the wind as it call
I'm out of the dungeon walls

I fell to my knees as I kissed the sweet night
And said goodbye as it vanished into the morning light
I shed a tear for every line I marked upon that wall
Everyday alive but without living at all

Freedom has its price, a price that I will pay
There's no fortune in this world worth losing one more day
I know I'll get to heaven, I've already been to hell
It's deep inside those dungeon walls, the place that i did dwell

Autor(es): Joey LaRocca

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