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In Düsseldorf I met a clown
His nose, it was red
In gelterkinden I forgot to frown
Then remembered again
In Paris I saw a big fish
Swimming slow in the seine
It made me hopeful that someday our
Water will be breathable again

In Frankfurt I heard ein zwei drei
Counting cookies and no one was shot
In Berlin stopped by the polizai
For drunk driving and everyone smiled
In Prague I knew I'd been a witch
Burnt alive, a pyre of Soviet Kitsch
It made me miss my moscow mother
It made me miss my new york nothing

In Montpelier I stayed in a château
A girl climbed into my bed and she knew no boundaries
And in Amsterdam I got quite crazy
Might have been all the tulips and canals
Or it might have been all that hash, and in
Barcelona - buenos dias, chocolate, le picasso
And in Brussels, clean-cut hostel
And in London, me and the french existentialists

In Corsica I floated away
All the way to Marseilles
I should have held an afterparty
For all the thoughts I didn't say
In Düsseldorf I met a dwarf
With bad breath and a really good tan
In Gelterkinden I remembered how to laugh
And I never ever forgot it again

Autor(es): Regina Spektor

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