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Tank full primed pinned saves bleed up
Tangled torn assimilate another care of apathy
Dig another well of therapy
Mined cut dirt dug from the ground beneath u

Sink teeth try u turn coming down syndrome
Spray scratch pine, and bring it down into haste
Strive on consistency, why wait, holding a cup of thirst
Lasting thoughts insane tasting insists adding sprinkles
Of salt to the pain.

Coming down syndrome all fate lies in wait
To pin you down excavate
Rife mediocrity
Lactate, cold inner emptiness
Inspire? substitutes, dialate, instant fried

Inside decay dependents day banal the fruit ferment the
The memories I can't recall depend the trend for warts n' all
A path direct to self neglect, to compensate correct in hate
Polluted crushed impatient scud, diluted vibrant pissing in

Come to kill yourself.
Apocalypse lights set way
Theocratic lessons...insight??
Blind, stray
Lessons sold
Sought like gold

Laughing nihilist, burns away
Bleed thru
Chastities not my enemy, it's you
Bleeding hope.

Autor(es): Damaged

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