Dust In My Eyes

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I left my home in the springtime
Westward to the gold fields I did go
At home I left my darling waitin'
With a promise I'd return with the snow

But man's life on earth is a gamble
And man plays a hand dealt by fate
When at last I'd won my fortune
A thief's wretched life I did take

Dust in my eyes fever in my brain
A heart that's hearten than gold
Everything in life that I ever loved
Is lost to this wicked grief for gold
[ guitar ] As I sit here alone in my cabin
Waitin' for a knock at the door
Waitin' for the sheriff and his posse
I know I'll see my darling never more

My real name I never will tell them
Shame my loved ones will not know
Even though their hearts will be broken
When they find I don't return with the snow

Dust in my eyes fever in my brain...
Is lost to this wicked grief for gold
Wicked grief for gold

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