Dust to Dust

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Looking outside throughout this window
Life outside seems pretty normal to me
Going to my place old routine again
A gray-scale world is all I can see
The head in the pillow a break for tomorrow
It holds all the pressure, agony and pain
Eternal sorrow, eternally swallowed
I'm carrying the cross for all sins that I've made

The kiss in the wife, the hug in the kid
No champion son can regret what I did
was reckless, was funny
x-rated and wicked
all that I've wanted in my whole life
the old cliché says: "beware what you wish"
must I be afraid coz I'm wishing that knife?

Dust to dust
Wanted lust

One night again here, the wind sounds so spooky
Whispering me that it is all my fault
I was in control but I couldn't command
Words were so clear, why the fool here just doubt?
It is not the fate I've imagined to me
Life could be funny, or takes me for clown?
No expectations of a turning future
A few closest friends, not the chosen ones

Coz Truth is like dust, flying free on the wind
You can breathe one pretty different from mine
Breath in, breath out
Oh angel, oh angel, why didn't I heard?

No turning future, and no turning back
How can be so simple for you loose the track?
No walk through the park, no ride and no Sunday
No fuckin' ice-cream will return the smile

Yeah it is there but I swear you it's fake
The sugar ain't sweet like those grandma's cakes
The dust turned to dust all the hopes, all the dreams
Made one more sad man, no hopes, no dreams

Dust to dust
Dust to dust
Dust to dust
Wanted fuckin' lust

Autor(es): Caldart / Moelevil / Nicolau / Troian / Wood

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