Dweller By A Dark Stream

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It could have been me put the
thorns in your crown
Rooted as I am in a violent ground
How many times have I turned
your promise down
Still you pour out your love
Pour out your love

I was a dweller by a dark stream
a crying heart hooked on a dark dream
In my convict soul I saw your love gleam
And you showed me what you've done
Jesus, thank-you joyous Son

You entered a life like ours
to give us back our own
You wanted us like you
as choosers not clones
You offered up your flesh
and death was overthrown
Now salvation is ours,
salvation is ours


So I'm walking this prison camp world
I long for a glimpse of
the new world unfurled
The chrysalis cracking and moisten
winds uncurl
Like in the vision John saw
the vision John saw


Autor(es): Bruce Cockburn

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