Dwellers of the Cursed Forest

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Buried by Ages
They eternally wander about Their Forest
Cursed forever
To haunt on the Winds
In Abyss of Time
Without the place to rest…
Ravens and Wolves
Are Their minions
In Their souls
They bear inside
A Wolf-Headed God
Unseen Warriors
Of the Night
They bark at the Moon with the Wolves
They travel through the Sky
Under the Stars
Guided by Flitter Mice
They Hate the Life
They Scorn the Light
Mortals suffer from Their Wrath
Endless Damnation
Has fallen upon these Dwellers of Night
They are doomed
To Undead Existence
Fury of the Storms
Pain of Loneliness
Burn inside Their souls
Crawl through Their minds
Evil in Their hearts
Darkness in Their eyes
Full Moon shows Their Path
Among the frozen trees
From the fouled ground
They howl to the Sky in Hunger
Which devours Their Minds and souls
They are the Spectral Wolves
Of the Kingdom of Frozen Wastes
And the Snow turns red
When They hunt the sheepmen
They denied the laws of Light
They are the Doom of mortal ones
Eternity is Their Temple
They were born by the First Chaos
They are Dwellers of the Cursed Forest
We are Them…
Buried by Ages,
We forever shall wander about Our Forest
We are Cursed
To haunt on the Storms
In the Chasm of Time
We have no place to rest
Ravens and Wolves,
They are Our servants
Dance through Our Souls
We bear inside
Wolf-Headed God…

Autor(es): Nightshadow

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