Dwell In My Embrace

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Dwell In My Embrace

My angel, my angel, desire of my dreams
Sinister goddess embracing the flames
In love we lay fading in the twilight
Enlightened by the nightside of heaven

A dreadful light am I
Silently dancing with the shadows
In harmony with earth and moon
I dwell in your embrace

We float towards the depths of our dying souls
Drifting in silence
Like millions of fading lights
Being covered by a gently falling rain

A fire on our skin
A soft and bleeding starlight
Dissolved in chaos
Erupted in storms

A grotesque vision of our drift in silence
Dreamt in the pale shine of moondark shadows

Our spiritless coverings touched the glimmering
Of the ghostworld's dark vicious delight
Ruthless winds obsess the nightingales profound
Enlightened by the nightside of heaven

My rising angel of flames
I dwell in your embrace.

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