Dying Breed

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I've been walking through the old town
Looking for a place to waste some time
For the company of strangers
No one who could know what's on my mind
I'll tell myself she'll be alright
Tell myself I'm doing fine
Yes, I can shoulder the blame
I know how to take a fall
But tonight I can't take the pain
So I'm staying here for last call
I'm still taking care of business
Giving out guarantees
But when I look at my reflection
I wonder what life done to me
And if you want to help somebody
I'm a dying breed
If you want to save somebody
I'm a dying breed
Oh, barman, can light off?
There's no one else in here
I've got some money in your jukebox
Can I have another beer?
When I should have been paying attention
I got lost in my weed
She was the last thing that I wanted
But now she's everything I need
And if you want to hurt somebody
I'm a dying breed
And if you want to love somebody
I'm a dying breed
If you get me out of trouble honey
I'll be all you need

Autor(es): Dan McCafferty / Pete Agnew / Jimmy Murrinson / Lee Agnew

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