Dying In The Rain

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By moonlight we carry the flame
But the nightfall won't take away the pain
No shadows awaits on the road
Still the echo of yesterday remains

On a cold and misty journey
In the silence of the woods
We are chasing great illusions
Forever in her realm

She's the lady of the twilight
And the only one who knows
When the trees of sorrow whisper
No one is alive

Pre chorus
The eyes of tomorrow are blind
No matter how the wind cries
The sighs of the forest are loud
A sound that never ends

We sail away again
On a broken dream
We've paid the price and more
But still we are not free

We are dying in the rain
Silent dying in the rain
Look out!

Solo dahl

Like a million tears of anger
The unspoken fly away
On the lonely road to nowhere
No words are allowed

Pre chorus
The wise have abandoned their souls
To wander naked and cold
The proud are invisible fools
Whose failure never ends


Dying in the rain
We are dying in the rain

Autor(es): Mikael Dahl

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