Dying In The USA

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When I wake up in the morning
No one tells me what to do
One of these days I'm gonna tell them
Just exactly what I wanna do
You're livin' in the USA
Take another breath of that toxic waste
Livin' in the USA - tryin' not to suck too much detergent
Everytime you go to the store
Read the directions what a bore
Don't think I'm gonna live too long
Just as long as I can sing this song
You won't find it, you won't find
You're gonna try but you just can't do it
You won't find, you won't find it
We're all gonna die in the same rat trap
You're livin' in the USA...
I'm standin on mountain top seeing what there is to do
This is our band and we're here to stay...Go!
Cuz you're dyin' in the USA
Everybody knows it you just can't stop it
You're dyin' in the USA - take another breath of that toxic waste
Dyin' in the USA - walkin' in the street there's too many punks
Dyin' in the USA - the living, the dead
We'll be on our way
Dying in the USA
We'll be on our way
Dying in the USA

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