Dyslexic Hearts

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Wake up!
Feels so good, mid afternoon makeup
And messed up hair, where are my shoes?
I just want to ask one more thing from you, I guess
I don't mean that...

Where did you come from?
And how come all the signs now point to you.
If this is real then I hope they come true
I hope this ecstasy won't melt to pain
Cuz if it does...

And then we talked more!
And then I fell for the person you are
And now I speak for myself
How could we know?
I'm trying to show

So maybe that monday
Was willing to save me
And maybe this last chance
Just might be amazing

One wrong move
And im tangled in my own heartbeats
Without you now i would feel incomplete
A lack of judgement, is this indiscreet?

Well I dont care!
Where did we come from?
I dont think this has happened quite the same
Maybe all of this is just a game
That we add to
No, it cant be true

Oh yeah

But they say we're crazy
That this couldnt happen
But I always knew that time would tell me when

Theres not a thought that goes through my mind
That will leave you behind
Now, everythings fine now!
Ooh uhh yeah

(this is fucking pathetic haha)

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