Frozen Mist


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PART I: The Shallow Mind Of Solitude

...As the sun rises slowly across the mist-filled skies
Bitter thoughts of you stream through my disturbed mind.
The seconds pass us by leaving images of you embracing my soul
And rays of light burn the darkest places that I cannot find.

We glow white in embers of intense heat.
Withered to death, a conformity of infinite sleep.

Awakened in a state of shallowness as the sadness takes hold
As the clouds form and the vicious storm within consumes my soul.
Drawn back into our world of desolation and loneliness
The shattered images of our time together begin to wash away.

Free from anxiety in the coldest, darkening space.
Withered to death as tears fall from my face.

PART II: The Godforsaken Mind Of Desolation

Fighting feelings, my world is drowning
It all crashes down into nothing.
I'm so empty, nothing can make this pain go away
So full of horror. My mind is so scared.
When it all comes crashing down into emptiness
Surrounding my mind in blank thoughts.
The fear rushes thru my bloodshot veins,
A simplified hollowness into nothingness.

"Caressed from every imaginable angle
Submersed darkness, flooded in cold sweat.
This godforsaken world has brought me down
And when the time has finally come,
this fear shall catch up to you.
You start to breathe so heavily.
I hear the echoing sounds of your screaming
Tortured in a disruptive blind despair."

A weeping spirit beckons your solemn call
As I wait for you in my dreams.
Though you never seem to reappear
Despair resides... it's all in your mind.

Chase the demons away -- I scream your name --
Though you never appear -- Where are you? Who are you?


A flash of light echoes from the halls
Exposing the truth of which you hide.
Delusions of you still remain deep
Inside the hollow entities of my mind.
Contradictions set adrift
Upon these raining nightmares.
This darkness fears you as it feeds on you,
A simplified hollowness into nothingness.

Will you ever appear -- In wishes of eternal death --
My soul is weak -- My memory remains bleak.

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