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And here I lie in this cold bleeding catastrophe
Never did I look you in the eye
And here I lie in this fuck forsaken tragedy,
A way of life I have come to despise
So we victimize our own creation
And so we compromise with our own souls
And so well go on fighting the revolution
And so we look to the dawn of it all

Ohhh society, you make me wanna spit on your face x 2

I guess it stems from our mortal disabilities
Was never easy to deal with vulnerability
A social power of though or pure tyranny,
It gave us order for sure but at what cost
Voicing agitation, drowned out in screams
Your way of life chalked out before your first squeal
Yes, you are now a part of our dynasty
A slave to the plan we had in store

Ohhh society, you make me wanna spit on your face x 2

Come into the ocean of change, there is still hope for us
Come into the forest of dreams, I will follow

The hope has died by selfish lies
The fortune of all its soldiers too
And fate shall strum its dirty tune,
Plagued my our masters and their rule
Fortune life, shaked inside,
Brought to thee, by our own child
And as our tale moved forth we just had to be
Had to become a part of this travesty,
We were not taught to live but to follow thee
And as I come to terms with this fallacy
I awaited the path that you sought for me
We were born to be blind, so the point in seeing
Whats the point in seeing!

Ohh society, you make me wanna spit on your face x4

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