Each Time

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I can remember when my love was so stronger
I can remember I felt so younger
Our springtime, summer love flowing through the air
You came in my life and loved me without a care.

Now you're gone, suddenly I am alone
Can't you see I can't go on
Won't you tell me what went wrong
Come and see about me.

Each time you go away again, I just lay down and cry
Each time you walk away again, a part of me just dies
Each time you break my heart again, I know it's not the end
Each time you say goodbye again, you know you hurt a friend.

I never knew that you could do me so wrong girl
When night after night I'm waiting for your return
I know that you know that I gave like no other for all these years
So come back and save me, I'm drowning in my own tears.

So you're gone and I am feeling so all alone
And I know that I must go on
Can you tell me where you've gone
Come back and see about me.

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