Marian Call

Early Is As Early Does

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Early is as early does and that seems right to me
I'm the first to test the sidewalks, and I look up from my feet to greet
that early morning smell, that early warning chill, oh...

A heavy heart was sitting on my rumpled bed today
It tells me what it thinks of you -- I tell it not to think that way
But it don't hear me, babe. I tried to send it on its way, but oh...

And I guess I'm getting tired of chasing you so hard
So I thought maybe this morning I would take a few steps
Out into the yard -- and when you didn't stir, I went right out the gate
I kept the dogs shut in babe, but I think that I escaped

Early is as early does, and that suits me just fine
But I'm probably not being fair, so come correct me,
Come and get my wander-weary mind, come and interrupt my stride, oh...

Guess I'll just go walking around downtown with all my business on my back
From café to café to café wondering if you miss me, if you're gonna
Track me down and kiss me good (just like I always thought you would)
But I hear no hounds or sirens -- maybe I misunderstood.

The last few leaves are falling -- the snow is soon to come
I wonder where my steps might lead me if I never turn around
And run back home to you. Do you really want me to?
I can't say what it would mean
If you'd take one step out that door and scream my name

Are you sleeping?
Are your dreams so fair?
Do you need me?
Were you ever really there?
Guess I'll just go walking around downtown...

...And I feel a little heavy, but you know, I can't complain
Because truth be told, I love these early morning hours
And I love the rain. I love the journey, how the ground feels solid when
Nothing else supports your weight, when every breaker seems to bend

Autor(es): Marian Call

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