Early Spring Till

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I was out there missing steps, when you swung around to me
Best to land, not to crash, pulling out too late
Call on everyone you ever knew, and plead
Well i've been the bum who's underfed
I've been the one who should've said
Maybe i'm wrong and i've always been that way
Are you tied to your field, wrung out
Have you fallen from where glory sprouts
Are you cut off in fields and pressed down
Like an early spring till that don't come around
I think i've been there
I think 'm waiting too long
You tried this (panting and poured?
You set a course to cross me out
Are you tired and broken, once so stout
Are you full of the feeling, don't doubt it when it's gone
I could cut off (this reel?) and leave now
I could fill up with air and scream so loud
I think 'm going to

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