Earth Left Behind

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Upon the chest of the dormant idol we walk
Marching to the same monotonous beat
The standart bearers of the oldest plague and strongest hate

Towards the dream that we in truth is forbidden
With our voices, we raise our hands to the sky
Offering ourselves as the highest of all sacrifices

With the earth left behind and the stars our destination
Bright looking are the works to kill all agening
We welcome our future with open arms
For we have found a way to leave behind all living
(Denying the fact that our hands have turned into claws)

Dying by this wish to reach
The towers built by alien life forms
The thought of this illusion seems
More appealing than before

Make yourself as arrows of silver
Then aim at the navigator with deadly power
Death is just a taste of life
Just make sure it won't kill you!

Rise from the tomb that has imprisoned you for centuries!

With the stars out of reach now the grave is our destination
The thoughts of hellfire have broken down your will!

Despite from all mistakes I have learnt my lesson well
Which is a great gift to bring with me on my path to hell
Always built from the fundament of guilt
Is the drawback preventing you from taking action

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