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I just can’t take no more
I gotta get out of this place
Cause the things I’ve seen
Have broken my heart
Made me feel ashamed
Just to be a part of this human race

If you could see their eyes while they were dying
If you could hear their cries while they were dying
Would you still put them on your dinner table my friend?
If you held the knife while they were dying
And if it was you who did the killing
Would it be different
Cause there’s no difference
In the end

The blood is on your hands
The blood is on your hands
If you don’t make a change
If you don’t take a stand
The blood is on your hands

Oh my brother could you take sometime
It would mean a lot to me
And oh my sister would you make sometime
There’s something you have to see
It's a little hard to swallow but the truth will set you free

w w w dot earthlings dot com

If you felt the pain with every bite you took
And if you caught a glimpse with every bite you took
Of all the misery and the suffering
Just to feed your selfish craving, would you still swallow?

If you look the other way when they’re crying out in pain
If you wear fur, if you wear leather
If you eat meat, the blood is on your hands
Just because you have the might
It doesn’t give you the right

And just because you have more brains
It doesn’t mean they feel less pain
And if you choose to remain ignorant
The blood is on your hands

Autor(es): Mike Love

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