Earth's Cremation

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Decaying promises of deliverance
Feel the sickening cities stench
Shock waves of contaminated
Catastrophic orgy of urban decadence

Another powerhouse of suffocation is raised and praised
Behold the rush of death of the planet earth no longer saved

Poisoned smoke running out of million industries
Deprive all the air, chop and burn million trees
Universal will for penitence
Embraced by the plague of repugnance

Hear the call of the underworld suffocated
Jungles of iron and concrete obliterated
The poles of either north and south will no longer freeze
Static pale death caused by human's terminal disease
Feel the heat of the scorching sun's atrocities
Spread the epidemic of infected corpses

Rivers of infected waters
Dragging sepulchral bodies
Breed deformed beings at the shore of deformities

Rivers of dead waters
‎ Infested with dead remains
Breed saturated mud of mother nature profaned

Contaminated trash are sent off shore
Out in the space and into earth's core
The sea regurgitates, deformed creatures and waste
The skies are dried out in a universal blackout

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