Earth, Water And Power

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We broke the rules of the order
That reigns over our galaxy
Forced to flee from our planet
To the darkness of infinity
The system has failed with controling
Lost in space for all time

The blaze of the storm
The friery tide
Brought me here to the other side
Through the black hole of death
I fell out of breath
We all were bound to die

The end of our lives
Source of all space
Rebirth in an foreign place
An outcast, alone
Away from my home
Survived just by alien grace

They have raised me to a strong man
They've called me the child from the stars
Inducted me into their secrets
The wisdom of fighting my wars

Lore I have to devour
Of earth, water and power

His eight arms of death
I had to defy
While he gazed at me with his eye
The master of fight
Showed me his might
I was a vulnerable guy

He gave me the chance
Joining their clan,
But I was a restless man
I've chosen the path
Out for my wrath
And then my new life began

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