Easier Said Than Done

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I know you
Don't like
Hearing this
But I feel like
We're making
A huge mistake
It's too late
You know
Maybe I should
Just let you go

Boy meets girl
Girl likes boy
It was
Yyour typical story
But I
Was hard to get
I made you wait
And you kept your eye
On the prize
And it paid off
'Cause we found love
And everything fit
Like a glove
Or so it seemed
To be to me

Tell me
Is this worth it
Nobody is perfect
So what
So what am
I supposed to do when

Every time
I try to walk away
There's always
T hat reminds me
I should stay, yeah
Girl I know
I should be strong
But girl it feels
So wrong, holding on
It's so much
Easier said than done

We spent some time
When you were mine
Tell me where
It all went
You promised me
You'd never leave
Do you break
All your promises?
Just like you
Broke my heart
So easily
Saying you love me
Was just a tease to me
I wanted the real thing
But you lost
The feeling for me
And now
Is this worth it
When we're
Both hurting
I know
You can't hide it
From yourself

And now every time
You try to walk away
(Now every time you try)
There's always something
That reminds you
Of my face
(Oh, baby, yeah)
You know
You should be strong
(You can be strong)
But you feel so wrong
Moving on
Without me
On without me
Is easier
Said than done

I know we've had
Our ups and downs
You need
Some time alone
Maybe it's best
We go our own ways
But it's so hard

And now every time
I try to walk away
(Every time
I try to walk away)
There's something
That reminds me
I should stay
(Oh, yeah)
I know
I should be strong
But girl
I feel so wrong
Moving on
Wwithout you
On without you
Oh, it's easier
Said than done

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