R. Kelly

East Coast/west Coast

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[ Spice 1 ]
Geah man, it's Spice 1 kickin that gangsta
Original rudebwoy from the old school, man
Come wicked
Like this, fool, haha
Yeah, the Clip & the Trigga method
Straight blunt
Straight out the East Bay
West Coast, fool

Hello, you've reached the muthafuckin S-p-i-c-e
( ? ) this nigga from the crazy streets of Cali, gee
Gots to come wicked on this muthafuckin track
So niggas, dip your fo's from the front to the back
And just slide ( ? ) and hit your corner on three wheels
Spark up some of that kill, that chronic, that real
Indo green shit straight from Humboldt County
Ounce of chronic up in my pockets, swisha sweets all around me
L.A. niggas dip in fo's, East Bay niggas roll 'Stangs
( ? ) you still ain't shit if you ain't sittin on them thangs
4 15's in the ass shakin all yo shit
Goin bum-bum-bum-bu-bum, yeah
So don't get the 114
Get it out twisted and tangled as if you didn't know
We got the bump for that ass, we got the rump for that ass
And in the trunk we got the muthafuckin funk for that ass

[ CHORUS (2X) ]
It ain't no party like a West Coast party
Cause a East Coast party ain't shit
It ain't no party like a East Coast party
Cause a West Coast party ain't shit
( *DJ Slice cuts up* )
(Come again) --> KRS-One

[ Simplé E ]
Hey yo, what it be like out there?
This is your girl Simplé E
And this is your lucky moment
I'm straight up and down representin the East
The place where rhymin ain't nothin but everything
All day, everyday
Jersey's defnitely the spot

Abracadabra, dude don't know shit
I'm runnin through your ( ? ) with my incense
Psychedelic power, now I got to let you know
Drink all you want, we can get some mo'
In the back of my Rover, so let's ride
Ride to the corner, really wanna do some shit
Got your man all sprung on the Simple shit
Look at me, Simple E, that ain't me
My freakin name's Simplé, and you can't test
I rhyme with the best of the business
So jock this verbal tennis
I got Spice on the 1 puttin hoes in check
( ? ) love but I'm givin it back
To the East, the place called home where I roam
And get the funk for your dome
But looka here, batty boy, you can't toy
With the East cause the East got beats
The East got bump, the East got lyrics and shit
To make the whole world spin, tell a friend
Let the East shit rip

( *DJ Slice cuts up* )
(Like this) --> KRS-One


[ Spice 1 ]
Niggas don't wanna see me get funky like Bootsy, baby
I locs up and get to breakin em off, takin they shit and talkin crazy
See, Cali niggas, we don't fuck around
Some roll with top down, some roll with straight muthafuckin frowns
Seven-deuce glasshouse, fo' nappy-headed niggas
I'm in the backseat rollin blunts and drinkin liquor
I tell my dogs: muthafucka out, it's time to go
And hit the corner sto', so we can drink some mo'
Hennessy makes me feel fine
187 up in the house packin a fat nine
Can't be caught without my shit, nigga please
Muthafuckas know me and they know I'm stackin g's

Shit, haha
Yeah, muthafuckas straight get gatted up if you ain't got your shit
Haha, that's how it's jumpin off on the West Coast, haha

( *DJ Slice cuts up* )
(Come again) --> KRS-One


[ Simplé E ]
Ain't nothin' changed but the days, to blaze ain't enough
I got my counterpart thinkin' he tough
I do it smooth-like, I do it just like it ought to be done
So kitty come, kitty come
Get a load of E's shit, I got the bump and shit
To make a muthafucka sit and recite my shit
So nigga roll ( ? ) boy, back back
Don't make me act a fool and abstract
Substract, eliminate your face from your body
I like to party, drinkin Bacardi
Breezys, young skeezers can't get with it
My style so foul toxic waste couldn't rid it
I'm rockin shades and I'm sportin my braids
For the East ( ? ) how we do it
We do it, we done it and run it, look at me
Spice 1 and the Simplé E
We got you silly suckers stuck on stupid, so move it
We be the bomb, baby, we be the funkk to freak
So see...


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