Eastern Philosophy

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[scratched: "So you're a philosopher?" "Yes!"]

It's like, basically growin up on the East
Some of you know what I'm talkin about

I grew up where the, summers are hotter than Lucifer's kitchen
Plus nuclear fission, you do the addition
Where the, winters are colder than the polar region
So the changin season got our brains uneven
The cause of our accents, the place we represent
We don't pronounce R's like a speech impediment
Our influence on hip-hop's beats is evident
The first to rock raps on "Impeach the President"
The East, MUCH LOVE to my West coast homies
But I dedicate this song to the place that's home to me
Where Latin Kings used to rock black and gold rosary
Always back and forth to the city cause it was close to me
Never heard around from, shit I ain't sweatin it
Apathy, hands down, king of Connecticut
Ah-yup, and all my tri-state neighbors
Cause when the East is in the house "Oh my God," danger

[DJ scratches: x2]
[KRS:] "Now I'm gonna show you how the East coast rocks"
[Esoteric:] "Let me show these cats what rockin the mic's about"
[KRS:] "Now I'm gonna show you how the East coast rocks"
"I represent the East baby that's where I'm from"

Autor(es): Apathy / Chum The Skrilla Guerilla

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