Easy Loving You

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When everything's wrong
And nothing is right
When my burdens are heavy
And I'm too weak to fight
Oh, the only way out
Is the only way in
When my world seems to stop
You cause it to start again

I find it wasy loving You
After all the things You've done for me
Nobody cares the way You do
Oh, You pick me up so tenderly
I find it easy loving You

I'm learning to lean
On the strength of Your love
In all situations
My help comes from above
When the battle is over
and the race hasb een won
Oh, I'm longing to hear You say
"Child weel done"


All through the day
all through the night
Casting my cares on You
Cause You want it that way
I son't need to understand
Or figure it out
I know that I know I know
That's what it's all about

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