Low Profile

Easy Money

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[ VERSE 1: W.C. ]
Check 1-2, yo everybody, what's up?
Low Pro is definitely in effect, and bringin y'all the dope stuff
This here is doper than dope, it's rather potent
That's why they got me here, cause see, I don't believe in jokin
They're jokin and hopin I come out stroken
Diss my crew? Give me some of that you're smokin
So many artist keep swearin they dope
They only good for one thing, y'all, that's droppin the soap
So pay attention that a dope lyrical that's guaranteed to rock
Funk, creatin this, the rhymes on a spot
I reach ya like a book while I'm servin ya
I must admit, your chain is big, though I never heard of ya
I'm into rockin crowds back and forth, and forth and back
So if you're lookin for the funky material, this is where it's at
So clap your hands and stomp your feet while I get loose
The Doub is in effect, and I'm releasin the juice
And demonstratin versatility, rhymes come very easily
Lyrics transformable with flexibility
I put a song together so quick it's funny
See, to you, it's a job, but see, to me, it's easy money, y'all

[ VERSE 2: W.C. ]
It's like snatchin candy from a baby, but I'm not a candy-snatcher
You see, it's simple to keep these rhymes comin atcha
Lyrics are flowin, intensity's growin
The crowd is gettin hyper than hype, people fillin up the floor'n
Just to get a glance of the pro goin solo
Now hold on, now wait a minute, let me get my stroll on
So I can come off ill, but still remain mellow
I prefer it this way, yo, with a nice slow tempo
This sort of rhymin requires patience
Determination, anticipation leads to aggravation
What I'm tryin to say is that this whole thing is funny
To some it's a job, but see, to me, it's easy money, y'all

[ VERSE 3: W.C.]
This is easy money, our money come in easy, whatever's clever
Turn up the lever, cause the rhymes are gettin better and better
So many rappers fallin off that it's weak, gee
They used to be dope, but see, it really doesn't pay to sleep
But slept, rappers makin it hard on theyself
They never practice, therefore they're screwin everyone else
Yo, I write every day, y'all, ain't a damn thing funny
I wanna get paid, cause this is easy money

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