Erotica 69

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Shock, shock, shock, shock’em all, babe!
Anaphylactic shock!
Say amok, say amok, babe!
It's twelve o'clock.
On other side of screens they lick lips in anticipation.
The flashes light up the movie platform of this reality show.

Come on, babe, babe your time has come,
Time for sacrifice!
In thousands objectives and eyes online
Erotica 69.

Wait, wait, wait, they wait, baby
A storm is coming on
They require a strawberry, baby,
Grated with glass. Come on!
Close to children of an eye a palm. Step to integration.
Observe through a fingers as the snake creep in a throat.

This is jack-queen, hybrid card of shock.
This is in-jan, sign pisces, sign of this show.