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Sinners, pigs, miscreants,
thiefs and impures
This is the plague spreader
who's speaking to you

Join the holy family
of the new cult of blood
Die and be revived
in the name of the Lord

Once you used to be
only grubs without soul
Now your heart is clean
for the kingdom of God
Wash away your sins
and thank god for his love
He will arm your hands
with the fire that glows

We're the plague spreaders
The new church bad preachers
The hunters, the seekrs
The killers, the human eaters

Worship the new Lord
who is waiting for you
And this wicked world
will be saved from hell

Spread the holy plague
with your blood and your bite
And life will return
from the dead of the night

And the futher said to his son
"life will generate from death"
and he gave his son the weapon to distribute life
"Here you are, oh son, kill for life!"

We're the blood dreankers
The ultimate beaters
The purificators
The avengers, the human eaters

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