Eating Dirt

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1st Verse
You have eluded me for far too long- I've got you cornered theres no place to run- I know exactly where you belong-
You think It's bad now, the tortures just begun-
I See the Terror running through your eyes- It's all right, theres no need to cry- If you fight me it'll only get worse-
Makes no difference- you'll soon be eating dirt-
Die fucker, Die fucker, Die!- Die fucker, Die fucker, Die!- Die fucker, Die fucker, Die!-
2nd verse
Your pain is real, this is not a dream- I'll still be here when you count to three- It's not a game of make believe-
I really love it when you scream-
Your prayers won't save you this time my dear- It's no use, Gods dont exist here- It's a shame I'll be the last one you'll see-
Playtimes over, you're gonna die for me-
Die fucker, Die fucker, Die! -Die fucker, Die fucker, Di!-Die fucker, Die fucker, Die!

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