Eating Out Of Your Hand

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Eating out of your hand, you think you've hot me on a string
You've fooled me more than once, but let me tell you just one thing
Someday I'll leave you woman, then you'll understand
A man can only take so much of eating out of your hand

I'm tired of eating out of your hand, I'm tired of getting told
These blues are leaving me as of now, I'll be the one son bold
You better walk the chalk line and let this poor man be
Or else you'll find yourself alone footloose and fancy free


When I come home you're waiting to question what I've done
You have my free time planned for me I work from sun to sun
If only you would realize that old stuff gets old
A man likes just a little time that he can call his own


You're oh so domineering, your wish is my command
Your jealous heart won't let me live you boss me and demand
New clothes, a diamond ring so fine, a Cadillac is grand
On payday I'm your victim and I'm eating out of your hand


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