Eat Shit!

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I have listened now for hours - to your dumb-fucked shit
You've spoken about emotions - and that my attitude won't fit
Why don't you take these cents my friend
And tell this the parking meter over there?!
You fucking bastard - you're really talking shit
No one wants to hear your opinion
Cause you're licking arses to fit (into the system)
Did you ever wonder why?! No one wants to hear your thoughts?!
You're betraying other people - Just to make your little world conclusive
Nothing more!
I have nothing to lose now - I'm ready to attack - and to silence up your mouth
All the years I've listened to your dumb-fucked shit
Now the time has come to stop your lousy speech
Empty words and (false) promises - everything you say is sick
Now I break with your social rules - and then I break your filthy face
Now feel my growing anger - these are the times to attack… attack!
It's up to you my friend - to restore peace or further eating shit!

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