Los Tres Ases

Esa soy yo

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-Pony, if we wanted to hear you sing, we were gone to your concert.
-so you sold 90,000 units, so what!!!!!????, does that mean you are a
genius??, you are a great artist?, you're higher up lader? you have
an extra gold star on your fucking fore head???
-(man, you're cute whe you're angry...)
-why don't write a song about sandra bernhard salad asshole!!?
-(jesus! jeff!!!)
-hey man, ahhh.. look if you don't like my stuff ahh... I won't sing it, ok?
im sorry you know?
-it's no...that's not what im saying, i'm saying i dont need a limusine to
know who i am all right???
-(right on!, he doesn't need the limo man!)