Eclipse of Mankind

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Wasted tears of sadness fall
on an acid ground
there's no vision left to realise
self destruction all around

We ignored the danger
all warnings left unheard
to return it's too late
bound to our fate
we feel like a flightless bird

There's no hope, no future
all (our) (true) values slain
meanless words to disperse our fear
empty promises drown in pain

All honest feeling
are caught in chains
we believed all the lies
now pay the price
despair flowing through our reins

In a world of madness
ruled by war and crime
where violence cries
for more sacrifice
quite at home in perverted rhymes

We pray for rescue
but all in vain
no tomorrow for change
for the future is now
as only little time remains
Vanity and pride
brought blindness in strife
true values held in hide
still burning inside
captured in the claws of fear we enter
the eclipse of mankind

Autor(es): Frank Bornemann / Michael Gerlach