Eclipse Of Mortality

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This horrid morn have i awakened
No light or life within the sky
All hope and faith has me forsaken
Reality burns now in my eye
From the moment that i was born
My life 'ready began to cease
Now to darkness i am sworn
Upon this eternal journey
Voyage to infinity
Seek the eclipse of mortality
All time now slips away from me
Seek the eclipse of mortality
Each step that i take in this misty night
Sufferance in search for immortal fire
Haunting chills of nightmarish fright
Cries i hear of my funeral pyre
Now that i descend
Into dungeons cryptic and dark
Walked thrice this cursed earth
Seeking mountains and valleys afar
Drank all the potions recited the spells
Quest to keep me forever alive
Through damned forests i've crossed
Beneath timeless catacombs
Come to a lake promised a cure
End the peril that began at my birth

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