A Hill To Die Upon

Eclipse Of Serpents

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"The pyramids themselves... have forgotten the names of their founders."
- Thomas Fuller

Lyrically, this obviously has a strong Egyptian feel inspired by the Exodus of Israel.
The over all terror and panic of the divine deconstruction that took place during the Exodus was a very exhilarating topic to create from.
The very core of the Egyptian people was shaken and the land was torn from it's roots.
The name Eclipse of Serpents was chosen because of it's initial appeal to the power of Anubis that, upon further listening, becomes more and more satirical.
The song itself was written in a space of two hours with only minor changes made since.]

Shafts of plague and pythoness gift
The blackness of Bast hast cometh unto us
Heiracosphinx! Slain
By judgement's flaming sword
Canst thou see the blood of the Nile?

Of all blights! 'Tis our sorry lot
To suffer black, night, and boils
Theban courage and Memphian lust
Thou darest stain with blood

Lo! The torment of the snake
Scythian blades - Jackal's feet
Hail! The conquest of...
The Uncreated one

Open the book of Adapa
And behold the coming of plagues

Morbid philosopher
Behind the curtain of lies

Ave! Thou art greatest of fifty - Ave! Avenger
Ave! Thou art Greatest of fifty - Ave! Leviathan

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