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Think about this within your own time and life we as the church pray to do what's right and we do then we move on and pray to God to keep us strong
now politics come into play not the government but the people that stray away from Him and fall into flesh answer questions for the church that they feel are best but this is null and still goes on disobeying God when they know it's wrong this is my plea whether it be do or die
E-COLLI (2x)
Giving the youth of the body a chance to know hope through this trip that they may grow and come to need all that He gave and when given the chance it's strayed away now giving the world and it's strong grip the opposite sex causes them to slip in relationships that never last I look to this from my own past granted people get saved and come full term they may look good
but soon must learn God's love is worth a try...
E-COLLI (2x)
This is the only chance that we can ever have to understand all that we've had in our past and present times I look to Him within His true lines inside the soul there is a need to word of God we all must heed to cleanse the soul from all this hate only through the Christ can we alleviate the pain and hurt that dwells inside I lift Him up you do not try all the lies your inside can not hide remove this...

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