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The fifties and the sixties is where it all started, rebuilding of a continent
destroyed by war, unlimited opportunities for the industry.
"As long as you are going
to invest your money, your business will get absolute priority,
environmental concern is not an issue here, not here, not now…"
What can I say, about ecology that hasn't been said before?
What can I say about plants and trees that'll make you think some more?
What can we do to stop pollution and make it end before it is too late?;
Do we need more talk or guns?!!!

It's shameless greed, shameless greed

You wait until the first symptoms become apparent,
you laugh at the first handfuls of protesters,
you ridicule their efforts in the press (in your press)…
It's clear that in your head only profit counts, and anything that's done
free of charge sounds strange to you, doesn't it, the difference between you
and us is so clear, I wish this was a song the whole world could hear…
We know now in the end that we will win it, because for us, there is
no money in it, and it comes from the heart

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