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There' s no sin on this earth
Witch we don' t cart around
The first temptation happened long ago
Sensing the mood of our lord
Ready to abortWe know that
this is the final straw
There' s no hope, our punishment was
life here on earth
There' s no time to go and say a final word
Dark night bird a 'soaring in the scarlet sky
Clawing wounds everywhere it flies
Rain and wind reproaching, tharshing
down from high
Thunder clapping in the dark of night
We know that it' s over,
now there' s no more hope
We' re all scared as we drink one
last final toast
Looking to theheavens, standing here forlorn
This dying world awaits a lethal, deadly storm.
The quiet before the storm, fatal powers dawn
Our mouths just cannot speak,
our hearts all miss a beat
Awaiting the final moment, our souls bear
a thousand rodents
Watching for the straw that pierces and tears
our souls to pieces
No pain, it burns and maims!
No pain, we' re to blame!
Feel the scorn of the final dawn,
the lightning bolts of the fatal storm
Almost all perished here last night
But standing side-by-side
The last example of human life
They must start a new-sell
Waking now from their spell
Everything must start again from down in hell...

Autor(es): Nemesis

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