Edge Of Darkness

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I've seen them walking - so many ways
I know they're living - on the edge of darkness
Inside of the twilight - every night
The shadows of existance - prisoners of minds
They have to remember - not to turn back
Not to cross the border - and never fall down
On the edge of darkness - they close their eyes
They can not see - they are blundering

Only when you stand in dark
Only when you stand in shadow
You can see the brightest light
You can appriciate the difference
If you want to live in gloom in obscuriti you find it
So remember about the reason
That shadows come from the light

Those who live in the gloom
Obscurity is their home
They find the joy of living
In primitive indifference
They can not free their minds
Their eyes are blind and dry
In the world of dellusions
They are blind fools

I'm falling down to rise above
The edge of darkness all around
I'm falling down to rise above
The edge of darkness to the light

On the edge of darkness
On the edge of life and miracles
I find the way to cross the border
On the depths I find the way
I can not waste my time to steep
In ignorance, indifference
I open my eyes wide and see
The might of beeing free

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