Edge of the Knife

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It's in my blood,
it's in my veins like poison running through.
I cannot help it,
I cannot fight it, there's nothing I can do.
Hungry for more,
hungry to live every second I exist.
I cannot pretend,
I cannot fake it, that's just the way it is.

This is the way I want to live my life.
Day by day,
on the edge of the knife.

Stubborn as hell,
is what I am and I'm damn proud of it.
I won't change,
I won't give in, I choose not to fit in !
It's never enough,
it's never right for a fool like myself.
Never too far,
never too high, no rest for the restless.

(repeat chorus)

I cannot imagine an ordinary life,
without thrills - without highs.
I live on the edge of the knife,
razorsharp untill the day I die.

Untill the day I die !
Untill the day I die !

I refuse to live your way,
useless, pointless, in decay !
Living only to count the days,
and let your life slip away.

Let your life slip away !
Let your life slip away !

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