E For Alpha

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Monorail lead to place
where I can be alone and
just a thought and not an action 'cause
action is the very thing.
That keeps me at the pace of space and time and
just a stutter step behind because
of this and all
that because of
this I hear
big sounds.

No more grandiose big tear downs.
Big sounds.

The laws did fine.
Even at varied at varied elevation
they did fine.

A single sentence
broke my patience.
A single sentence
went a broke my patience.
I was breathing
A single sentence
went and broke my patience.

When hemlock got the be the pasttime.
On the floor and retching like fire.
Decode the motives
with higher cypher.
e for alpha and
g for beta.
Hide the dossier from the soothsayer.

No one ever sees me know
Because I am breathing naked.
Because I am naked-breathing.