Action Bronson

Eggs On The Third Floor

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You said that I was worthless
Sure enough the toxins came up to the surface
I'll take your oxygen I'm perfect
Better bring your iron to the skirmish
Step on heads of serpents, smoke detergent
Robert downey jr., rotate image
Old money in the bag look like sauteed spinach bitch

Manicurin' like a china, spin out the beamer at the arena
Bitches spot me like a cheetah
Wild life, wild nights with your wife (twice, dyke)
Now who the one that be turnin' the wheel in the old deville
Step in the field, suckas know I'm real
Long sword down the leg so I stand still
Red beard so I resemble jim the anvil
Neidhart, ride dirty in the five sharp

Hand skills, jean claude, fine art
Put my head right through the monet, ole
All the drugs I smoke, my lungs are probably coal gray
Ice on the rolly, dykes on the pole play
Gravitatin' towards the money cause it brings me joy
Only thing next to my baby girl and baby boy
Drop mercedes toy

With your moms butt naked cookin' eggs like ving rhames in baby boy
You know the outcome, you ain't about none
Smoke 'til my mouth numb
Hold the chopsticks at the top you know I'm upper class
Grab the sizzle beef with my teeth
Hop in the vehicle, lit the keef
Back in the streets, it's me

Yo this is bam bam and I'm representin' flushing
Smokin' blueberry like a muffin
Yo I'm the one your lady lovin'
Just tell that bitch I need a scrubbin'
And don't forget the chicken in the oven
Never burn a dinner, spend cake on cheese
Red mirror lenses in the gray oakleys
Flip out the plane with a cape on skis
Girl I really love it when you're dancin' on me

Dancin' on me, dancin' dancin' on me
No time flat I'm gonna be on tv
With a big batty gal, skin tropical
I'm doin' all the things you never seen possible
Blow the smoke out, the bbs's poke out
Daddy did the three-piece and mommy brought the cloak out
Nowadays you can catch me out in so cal

Spendin' five stacks in a week in the grow house
Now I'm highed up, makin' popcorn
Flip the bag this side up
Then sit back on the couch
And let me put my penis in your mouth
Cause girl I really want some head tonight

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