Eien No Hikari (translation)

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Eternal light

Do you have peace as you left on your journey?sleep, enveloped in silver stardust.on the day you threw away doubt, you were shining.i'm sure if i believe you're here,the sky will unfurl.
Oh stars, light up with an eternal light,so as to envelope her, always.oh moon, light up the eternal desert.please, guide her.
The sun rises, scorching even the ground.in the cloudless sky, it burns even the heart.looking for you amid a heatwave that shakes the gobi,if i close my eyes and listen closely,i feel as if i can hear your voice.
I want to grasp the dream with these hands.as if to envelope tomorrow, i want tohold you more. i want to kiss you.tired of waiting for the day we can meettired of waiting for the day we can meet

Autor(es): Honda Yoshihiro / Kajiwara Shigeto / Seki Toshihiko

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