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Seismographic perception
as this monster rides
iron wheels with bars of steel
a presence of pure might
offspring of the melters
born in the forge
assembling nails, rolled out rails
the son of mother war

Roaring over battlefields
weaken the enemy
shape of solid alloy
breathing hostility
a gross violator
the core of destruction
giant railwaymortar
father of all guns

Terrifying arrogance
frightening his grace
huge machine, staring mean
death in her pale face
lowering the barrel
fed by well-trained hands
await the first cracking burst
at the final command

Blazing fire
debut round
lumbering recoil

Screaming sound
16 gunners
grease and sweat

Glowing lead
large projectiles
red hot shells
an infernal
burning hell
split the earth crust
bring the ordeal

Operatin distance
around 6,5 km
munition carriers supply
anti-concrete granates
assumed secure bunkers
in the reinfoced stronhold
explosions shredding armour
nullify safe vaults

All defense now broken
by the grand device
smoldering ruins, shattered tombs
that once were fortified
the bombardment ended
conquering mastodont
a majesty, in victory
the terror of the front

Autor(es): Asphyx