Jennifer Nettles

El camino

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Hey Baby why don't we go honky tonkin'
Cause it's been four long days since I felt that whiskey haze and I got the wantin'
Hey Baby why don't we go sugar footin'
Cause I ain't got nothing better to do and there ain't nothing here looking better than you
And I been lookin'.

Jump in my El Camino baby step onto that gas
We got a thousand ghosts behind us and they are after our ass
They're full of lies and division
And they are moving in fast.

Hey Baby why don't you just come and get me
Cause I ain't made you happy yet, but I can, I bet
If you'll just let me
Hey Baby we could let them come and find us
Cause I ain't got nothing keeping me here and I'm ready dear to leave it all behind us


See Johnny's barn has burnt down
Over on the other side of town
Ain't got nobody to help him out
So let's grab him and go

See his son's taken drunk again
If you can't beat'em might as well join in
Ain't it might very well be in sin but it'll help him I know