Electric Starter

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The foundation of one will rely on many.
For the sake of your thoughts a thousand pennies.
Just to tell of support that you have.
Time of crisis need not be that bad.
Don't front in times of insecurity.
Let all be, I would if you were me.
Just to stick together to survive.
Time of silence causes us to strive
to release the built up tension that leads to our deception.

You don't know the pain that I have inside I've tried to run,
from myself I can't hide
You don't know the pain that I have inside
I keep my feelings bottled up inside.

To wonder alone in crowded rooms.
Wondering if the problems will come soon,
without a chance for answered questions that lead to this,
in question that lead to the choice of impure.
Everything that you did no hope, no cure.
Hope indeed or will it be the hope for the ones in need.
You look for hope, for them you look for hope of self.
Pull ourselves from out this Hell.

We struggle and strive for recognition,
then follow suit and keep on wishing
that the people knew the way you feel.
Do what you can to define the lines that are so real
when you seek to find you return,
at every turn you must unlearn.
The society and the mind-set your end reward is regret.
No chance for the people to cry out.
Leaving people with only doubt.

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